Should You Sell Your Current House Before You Buy a New One?

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This is the question that most homeowners asking themselves when they are deciding to make a home move. Do I sell my current house before I buy a new one?

So, which should you do first: do you start by selling your home playing it safe and potentially having to move twice? Or buy the house of your dreams now and risk paying two mortgages until you sell?

Both options have their pros and cons; it is the biggest Catch-22 of real estate. Either way is risky because you could end up owning two homes or no home at all. (What a Dilemma) Let us face it, the real estate market can be unpredictable. Lucky for you, this report provides The Solution.

The Solution a “Guaranteed Sales Warranty”* that guarantees the sale of your home and takes away all the worry and stress associated with selling and buying another home.

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Guaranteed Sales Warranty

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