The Atlanta Model Homes website is a NO Obligation Consumer Service, providing relevant Real Estate information and programs/warranties to help Home Buyers and Home Sellers make informed real estate decisions saving them time and money.

Delmar had a successful 20-year career at The Coca-Cola Company where he developed, executed, and implemented various sales/marketing initiatives, prior to becoming a Real Estate Professional.

Delmar’s real estate approach and the Atlanta Model Homes Website emulates what he calls the “Three (3) Primary Ingredients” to the Secret Formula of The Coca-Cola Company becoming one of the most recognizable brands in the world.

Three (3) Primary Ingredients:

  1. Provide Quality Products and Services (Real Estate Industry Reports)
  2. Marketing Strategies that are Product Specific (Tailored to YOUR Needs, Wants, & Desires)
  3. Offer Promotions Enhancing Consumer Experience (Exclusive Warranty Programs)

In fact, many Home Buyers and Home Sellers who visit Atlanta Model Homes website are so impressed that they contact us to assist them in the purchase or sale of their home.

Atlanta Model Homes Core Vision:

Transform and Renew Lives by sharing facts and information to help people enhance their lifestyle, build family wealth and legacy by acquiring Real Estate/Real Property.

Atlanta Model Homes Core Values:

  • Respect – Each person’s, communities, and life lessons for their unique value
  • Encourage – People with the expectation, to be better today than yesterday
  • Humility – Recognizing that helping people succeed is the true meaning of success
  • Commitment – To aid people and communities become Champions in LIFE

At Atlanta Model Homes we pride ourselves on having the highest level of neighborhood information on current and upcoming listings, marketing trends and value-added Home Buyer and Home Seller Programs.

Take time to tour our Atlanta Model Homes website to learn more about our Performance Warranties – We are Atlanta Model Homes!

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